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Here you may customize the system you require. After completion, simply click the "Submit For Quote" Button at the bottom of the page to email the request to us, and we will return a quote to you ASAP. Recommended parts for best value/performance are marked with a * next the the item name.

Any errors or problems with this page, please email us at

As well you may email us at if you prefer to receive a quote based upon a specified amount of money you wish to spend. If you are unsure of the choices below, you may simply send us an email with an amount, and any requirements you wish to list, and we will provide you with a quote based upon the dollar amount given. We would be happy to design the system for you. Please include as much info in regards to the items you wish to be included in the quote.




   Speed Desired   mhz.

    or choose the Best Value    

    Operating System           

    CPU Cooling       




    Video Card          

    Brand/Model Desired  =  or,


    Hard Drive           

    Brand Desired  =  ,  Size  =  GB

    or Best Value for -      





    Brand Desired  =  ,  and Size  =  inch

    or Best Value for -   

    Network Card / Modem 


    CD ROM             


    Floppy Drive        INCLUDED

    CD Burner       

    Brand Desired = and Speed = x

    or  -     

    DVD Rom       

    Brand Desired = and Speed = x

    or  -   


    Brand Desired = and DPI =

    or  -   


    Brand Desired = and DPI =

    or  -   


    Brand Desired = , and Type =

    or  -   

    Sound Card    

    Brand Desired = , and Type =

    or  -     

    WARRANTY - 1 Year In Home Labour Warranty / 1-3 Year Parts Warranty*

    All items carry a minimum 1 year warranty, unless otherwise specified.

    Dependant upon part, warranty may be up to 3 years.

    Some parts may come with an extended warranty with the manufacturer even after our warranty period expires.



    Please list any additional items required


            Contact Information (* is required )












             (Optional) The maximum amount you wish to spend =  





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