Self Extracting Service Module

             for underground utility vaults  




Utilizing Available Upstream Water Pressure To Hydraulically Lift Components To The Surface

Pressure Reducing        Backflow Prevention        Metering        Valve Arrangements


Safelift Up Video                                                                   - Safe unrestricted working environment                                                

Safelift Down Video                                                               - Eliminates confined space entry

Safelift Disengage Video                                                         - All stainless construction                                

Safelift Engage Video                                                             - Fully constructed one piece drop-in vaults

Safelift CAD Video                                                                - Lower installation costs

Safelift Manual Lift 1                                                              - Greatly reduced footprint

Safelift Manual Lift 2                                                              - Reduced cost of ownership

                                                                                              - Manual lift modules also available


For more information contact:

Rick Gill